5 Ways to Make Home Feel Like Home

I have lived in eight different homes in my 22 years of life. The longest I have ever stayed in one place is just under seven years. The excitement of moving has become something that I now enjoy, but I have had to learn a few ways over the years to make each new place feel like home. Here are a few of my favorites:

Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary

In my current home, my bedroom just so happens to be in the finished basement. It’s wonderful to have so much space to work with, but the lack of light had me stumped for a few days before I decided on a solution. I went to work by hanging lights, distributing lamps, and placing my favorite items through the room. Before I knew it, candles, my own artwork, and eclectic textures and colors made the room feel like my own personal meditation room. When it comes to making your bedroom your sanctuary, its all about taking control of the space and turning it into whatever makes you feel balanced and at rest. Use your favorite items, colors, and themes throughout the space.

Find Your Comfort Scents6ac0acd334722ca8e52796c8e711fd58

There is a reason that they say your sense of smell is one of your most powerful senses when it comes to emotion and memories. One of my first go-to ways to transform the feeling of a space is through smell. Personally, I love the way that earthy, evergreen scents make me feel grounded and at rest. My home is filled with balsam candles and essential oils all year. No matter where I move, I take the comfort of those scents with me, instantly making a new place feel like home. An easy and inexpensive way to make your space more homey is to find your favorite scent and use it regularly in your home.

Decorate Your Walls

Whether with photographs, decorative items, or plants, decorating your walls has an incredible ability to add some life to a blank canvas. I tend to use a mixture of all of these things, focusing especially on photographs that hold sentimental value and artwork that I, or loved ones, have created through the years.

Living in a rental property can make this seem a little more daunting, but fret not! You can find rental-friendly wall hardware at your local hardware store.

Invest in Pillows and Blankets


Alright, fellas, I know this one seems a little too feminine. But hear me out; who doesn’t want to curl up at the end of a long day with comfortable pillows and a soft blanket to binge on some Netflix? Find a few quality textiles that suit your style preference and put them on your couch, in your reading nooks, and on your bed. When you come home feeling like the world couldn’t suck out another ounce of your energy, you’ll be excited to relax in luxurious comfort.

Establish a Routine


Now, I’m not saying that you should live by a rigid daily routine and take out any spontaneity in your life. But having a flexible routine to your day is an excellent way to feel at rest in your environment and establish some familiarity to your daily life.

My favorite parts of my daily routine are taking the time to eat a nutritious, satisfying breakfast and winding down in the evening with my favorite music, candles, and whatever book I am currently reading.

Find a few simple things that you enjoy doing and incorporate them into your day-to-day activities.



Daughter. Sister. Yogini. Proud parent of plant babies. Crafter. Photographer. Lover of dancing and singing loudly. Avid reader. Daydreamer. Southern cook.

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