How to Reduce Your Stress


The secret to living a life with less stress is in simplicity. There will inevitably be some stress in life. To try and control everything in an attempt to reduce stress will only complicate the issue, causing more stress. However, we can take a few small steps to bring simplicity to our lives, reducing stress in a healthy and effective way.

Minimize the Number of Decisions You Make Daily

Whether you claim to be indecisive or simply don’t have a strong opinion either way, decision making has a way of bringing unnecessary stress to our daily life. Some things require our undivided attention in order to make the right call. But simple decisions can be eliminated pretty easily. For example: if you are easily overwhelmed by the variety of drink choices at your favorite lunch spot, decide on one thing that you will always order. Next time you go, you won’t have to stress over the simple decision of what to drink with your lunch.

Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is engrained in our very nature. From a young age we start putting off doing the things that we would rather not do. As we get older, this causes more and more unnecessary stress. When you have a new project that needs your attention or a few emails that need to be sent, sit down and work on them right away. Even if it takes a few days of work here and there, you’ll find yourself feeling much lighter when the due date arrives and you aren’t scrambling to finish all of your work by the deadline.

Tidy Up

If you find yourself with five or ten minutes of dead time, look around and tidy up the five things closest to you that are out of place. If you make a habit of this, you will find that your surroundings tend to stay much neater and your stress levels much lower. A happy, neat, balanced environment promotes lower levels of stress and you’ll feel more accomplished for using your dead time productively.



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